Editing services

A key component of success is the ability to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.  This can be a barrier for many authors, but is especially true when English is not your first language. Many leading journals now recommend that authors in this situation consult a professional language-editing service before submitting their work for publication. We provide a range of editing services that will help you publish your work and increase your chances of obtaining funding.

Your manuscript will be edited by a board-certified editor in the life sciences (ELS) with over 10 years of experience as a scientific editor. We have edited many hundreds of manuscripts that have been published in high profile journals such as Nature and Cell as well as smaller specialist journals. Because we are PhD level scientists with backgrounds in biomedical research, we can provide scientific expertise that many editing services lack. We welcome all types of document, including journal articles, grant applications, and book chapters.  Although our focus is on biomedical editing, we do also accept non-scientific material.

We can provide editing at many different levels, from basic correction of language, grammar, and spelling to substantive editing, with re-writing and re-organization of the manuscript and a deeper consideration of the science being presented.  We will work with you to ensure that you get a personal service that meets your individual needs. We also provide a rapid turnover, with most work returned within a week, and will always strive to meet your deadlines. Please refer to our checklist for more details on submitting your work.

If you are uncertain about our services we offer a trial for new clients, in which we will edit up to 500 words of your manuscript free of charge. In addition, we provide a credit of 2 hours free editing or $50 for each new client you refer to Iris Bioconsulting. Try us- we think you will like the results!